Hair Transplantation Surgery – A Deep and Detailed Insight

Hair Transplant Process – The Complete Solution to Your Social Discomfiture

What if you wake up one fine morning and notice something shocking in the mirror? Well, if you think that I’m talking about freckles and wrinkles, then you’re definitely mistaken. Today, we’ll discuss about baldness/hair loss and its consecutive effects on our life. Simultaneously, we’ll take a look at hair transplant surgery and how far it’s efficient in solving our problem. Regardless of your gender, hair forms an important part of your character. Hence, a receding hairline or partial baldness can cause you to suffer from insomnia.

Hair Loss and Its Psychological Effects

Besides destroying your physical appearance, baldness often goads you to the verge of trauma and depression. With the increasing pressure to live a comfortable and luxurious life, men as well as women are experiencing multiple health setbacks something which they don’t realize till it’s too late to recuperate. Of all the outcomes of real life trauma and stress, the most common one is possibly a receding hairline or excessive hair loss.

If you’re in a situation where your friends, relatives or colleagues constantly tease you for your bald look, then this article must prove handy in triumphing over your depression. Since more and more people grow conscious about their looks and style statement, we struggle hard to become publicly acceptable. After all, we want admirers to come to us and appreciate our looks. If you’ve gone bald and suffering from low self-esteem, chances are that others won’t walk up to you or pay importance to your character. On the, baldness mars your self-confidence and causes you to suffer from inferiority complex.

reasons behind baldness

Understanding the Common Reasons behind Baldness

Even though baldness is a natural consequence of ageing, several other factors can result in baldness in as well.  According to recent studies, almost 70 percent males and 50 percent females experience baldness issues in their young age itself. This premature baldness can take place due to several reasons. Some of them are – genetic flaws, hormonal fluctuation, malnutrition, and strong medicinal effects. No matter what the reason, baldness can give a huge blow to one’s self-belief and self-dignity.

Baldness mostly occurs due to aging, genetic causes, hormonal imbalance or other medicine related issues. In case of premature follicular damage, baldness issues may become highly critical. Most people think that the term “baldness” is related to men alone. Nevertheless, that’s a misconception. The bare truth is that women as well as men are exposed to typical hair loss issues. No matter what gender or age group you belong to, baldness can take place at any point of time.

Women Hair Loss

Women Hair Loss

The common reasons behind women baldness are vitamin deficiency, prescribed therapies and drugs, menopause, pregnancy, radiation, fungal infection, ancestral inclination, excessive androgen production and unnecessary stress. For a woman, her mane is her crowning beauty. Hence, baldness or acute hair loss can hamper your personality and self-esteem. Fortunately, there’s a simple and permanent solution to all your baldness issues – hair transplant surgery in Kolkata, India. The procedure is totally safe and painless, and the results are to die for.

Why You Must Go For Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplant Treatment – Why Must You Go For It?

One of the major challenges that pop up in one’s lifetime is what to do about a bald appearance. However, there’s nothing to fret or feel anxious about. With a hair transplant surgeon, you can easily fight your baldness issues, in a safe and effective way. Whether the reason is medicinal, genetic or accidental, this treatment proves effective in gaining a complete and impressive look. A lot of people have the notion that it’s something like a wig or hair mask, but the actuality is something different. The treatment results are totally natural – something that would leave you amazed and spellbound. In fact, you can even comb and style it the way you like.

The biggest benefit of hair transplant treatments is that it’s just like your natural hair; you won’t use anything artificial or fake. Since follicles are extracted from your own scalp and grafted onto the bald section of your head, you’ll notice outstanding results after 2-3 months of the surgery. You’ll be surprised to see your new image in the mirror – something that you’ve only dreamt of before. Finally, you would regain your lost hair, looks and confidence level.

Hair Transplantation Surgery – Vital Points to Reflect On

Before you opt for the transplant surgery, there are a few important points to focus on.

  • It’s important to adopt a realistic approach. In case you’re totally bald, never expect the transplant treatment to give you a scalp full of hair. The thicker or denser your present hair is, the higher are your chances of getting fruitful results. Normally, thick strands that are light in color, deliver better results than sleek or light-colored strands.
  • Think about the cost of the treatment. Cosmetic surgeries generally fail to qualify for coverage from private health insurance agencies. If excessive strain or burns give rise to this disorder, the hair restoration surgery is regarded as a reconstructive method and may not qualify for compensation.

Heavy smokers may face a lot of complications during the surgery. Hence, if you’re keen on undergoing this image restoration treatment, quit smoking today.

Video And Image Source And Citation:- Hair Transplant Clinic


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